Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How to Generate free vcc

Now i am posting free vcc trick ....

i will tell u how to generate free vcc from entropay so follow me or do as i am telling u ...

1: change your ip with any ip hider

2: go to and

3: create US E-Mail and also fake US name (create US email by selecting US as your country in E-mail use fakenamegenerator info in E-mail also)

4: register ur self with that on entropay

5: When asked how you would like to add funds,
choose bank

6: when ask for link funding source  to your entropay select pay by Bank
and Select These Options

Country : Afghanistan
Your Bank: Other Bank
Bank Name: ahdgjashdkfhvckjn (any name like this)

click next

after that u will receive an E-mail with vcc card

Important Note :
                        Some people are saying that they cannot create an vcc with entropay ... they made a mistake use US E-mail US name and US ip to create a  vcc from them

Enjoy and remember me in Regards


  1. hi , how many can i use thi method ?

  2. now a days we need to upload our own ID proofs to get card no's